Organizer Coach

Kim Anker-Paddon, CPO-CD®, COC®, is a Professional Organizer and Certified Organizer Coach based in Los Angeles, California. Kim serves a wide range of clientele, from a well organized but overwhelmed client with a complex life, to creative individuals who have struggled with lifelong organizing challenges. Whether working on a small task, an entire house, or helping to streamline a large staff, Kim works closely with each client to find customized solutions to enhance her clients’ lives.  She helps her clients achieve ease and efficiency in their personal and professional surroundings.

Kim’s approach combines her organizing and coaching skills with keen understanding of how different learning and organization styles can be optimized. She is nonjudgmental and finds her greatest success in tapping the existing strengths of her clients. Kim comes from a background in teaching, small business management and working with both children and adults with learning disabilities and ADHD.

Kim works with residential clients throughout the country, and overseas by individual arrangement.

Philosophy  Statement

Organizing is a creative, collaborative process. I am extended enormous trust as I enter clients’ surroundings. In return, I bring a nonjudgmental attitude to each person I encounter, from a highly organized but overworked client to someone struggling with  clutter or hoarding issues. Together we work to make your spaces function in an intuitive way.  My goal is to give clients the tools to maintain change long after our work together ends.