Organizer Coach

ADHD  Organizing

ADHD brings particular challenges to being organized. Many of my clients who have ADHD have struggled with organization for much of their lives. While there is no “cure” for the disorganization and occasional chaos that can come with ADHD, there are many things we can do together to make your life easier.

I come to each client with a nonjudgmental attitude. I view my role as two-fold:

1• helping clients develop skills and habits that work with their ADHD 

2• giving clients tools and confidence to know that long-lasting change is possible.

My life prior to being a professional organizer has given me a strong foundation for the work I do with adults with ADHD. I have seen ADHD from a number of perspectives: teacher, mother, spouse, business partner, and friend. I appreciate the many unique qualities and strengths that can come with ADHD, such as creativity and original problem solving abilities. I do not have a “one size fits all” approach to organizing; I tailor my work to support clients as the individuals they are as they work toward their goals.